Hi, I'm Lorenzo, an italian Graphic Designer currently based in Rome.
During my five years of experience I’ve worked for an internationally awarded publishing house of illustrated children’s books (Orecchio Acerbo),  an associate studio for graphics and visual communication based in Bologna (Studio Lizart), and on 2019 I’ve founded my own graphic design agency together with two partners, where I stayed until 2022. I’ve also worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2017, with projects including brand design and corporate identity, layout and editorial design for digital and print, photo-editing and retouch, motion graphics, UI/UX design, illustration, typography, visual design.

Since 2020 I’m a lecturer in Creative Thinking at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies of Rome, where I teach the psychological-cognitive theories of lateral thinking, which lies at the heart of any successful creative process.

My approach to design always starts with a meticulous phase of research and analysis, by which I’m able to explore fresh, unconventional ideas, that will shape and give substance to the visual elements of my projects. I always strive to find solutions that offer unique perspectives over things, and to find beautiful and original ways to convert ideas into visuals. My care for aesthetics and my constant attention to detail come from years of experience across various cultural forms of expressions, from design to art and literature.
I am eager to take on new challenges and collaborate with those who want to make a difference through their visual communication.